SUPPORT is an integrated project within the EU's 7th Framework Programme
1. SUPPORT aims to raise the current level of port security by integrating legacy port systems with new surveillance and information management solutions. Ports will be given tools to establish the necessary and sufficient security level to satisfy evolving international regulations and standards while efficiently supporting the complexity of the real port environment.

2. SUPPORT partners include a number of ports that have been selected to represent typical, but different operations. Starting from the perspective of the partner port operations, the project will identify key security gaps and will produce generic port security models describing security measures to maintain or augment the efficient and secure operation of these ports. Communication and decision support tools incorporating semantic technologies will be developed, accessible to all the port security stakeholders.

full scale demonstrators Will be organised   in two representative EU ports (Gothenburg and Piraeus).  The full scale demonstrators will be augmented with a broader evaluation programme by members of a European Ports Security Forum.  SUPPORT solutions will include policy and standardisation proposals and training that can be used by any EU port to efficiently enhance its security level.

The Support Project Overview

> Support Dashboard for PFSOs

> International Conference on Applied Paperless Freight Transport and Logistics 9-10th May 2012 DE LINDENHOF, Delft, The Netherlands

The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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