Project name:      SUPPORT - Security UPgrade for PORTs
EC contract no:   242112
Start date:           July 1st 2010
Time scale:         4 years
Co-ordinator:      BMT
Consortium:        19 Participants


Lines of authority and responsibility in port security are complex, even conflicting in some cases, and different in practically every European port.  Present security systems depend also, to a great extent, on a vast array of legacy systems which would be uneconomic to replace in their entirety.

The challenge for SUPPORT, and its ultimate aim, is to create innovative, versatile, configurable and highly automated port security solutions  that can thrive in such complex environments and bring about a new generation of port security practices.  To be able to achieve that, SUPPORT also aims at converting legacy systems into services that can be seamlessly combined with new innovative solutions.

SUPPORT will be firmly grounded on the perspective of the end-users (the port operators and their clients), being aware at all times of cost and benefits of proposed innovations.  SUPPORT will start with an analysis of security gaps which will employ a methodological approach combining creative and analytical methods that has been shown to be particularly successful in identifying gaps which are not immediately evident even to experienced practitioners. The output of this analysis will lead to the elaboration of a number of generic port security models which will be sufficiently adaptable to suit different configurations of ports depending on their specific security gaps.

The Support Project Overview

The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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