Project Aim

SUPPORT will deliver: 

        •        ‘Validated’ generic port security management models (capturing reusable state-of-the-art and best practices) that can be customised for specific ports; 
        •        Training and open standards based tools to aid security upgrade in EU ports.

These will be complementary to and usable by other EU projects and initiatives. Emphasis will be given to bringing together advances from international and European research on security and border control with results from the main EU projects in maritime and intermodal transport, specifically those concerned with security and interoperability issues.

The aim of SUPPORT will be to address ‘total’ port security upgrade solutions encompassing legal, organisational, technological, training and human factors perspectives in order to facilitate:

      1.       Secure and efficient operation of European ports in the context of sustainable transport.
      2.       Uninterrupted flows of cargo and passengers.
      3.       The suppression of: 

                Attacks on high value port facilities;
                Illegal immigration;
                • trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances.

All this is in line with the efforts of FRONTEX and EU member states. SUPPORT will also liaise with European and other international organisations, including WCO, IMO and ISO/CEN, to ensure that SUPPORT solutions are consistent with security standards.

The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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