Systems approach

We see the need for stakeholders (e.g. port authorities, port and transport operators and governmental organisations) with tasks and responsibilities in ports and the supply chain (such as police, customs, regulatory and environmental authorities, health services) to switch from ad hoc problem solving actions to adopting a systems approach. This is necessary in implementing efficiently “first port of call" measures or the Authorised Economic Operator certification (customs). These laws require transparency from ports on the effects of their behaviour on all stakeholders including those who may act some steps back in the logistic chain or some steps forward.

Stakeholder driven strategy

SUPPORT will adopt a stakeholder approach to port strategic management. It will emphasise the responsibility of all stakeholders in port security to: monitor their own behaviour; analyse the results; take action for improvement; monitor improvement; report to the relevant authority.

Building particularly on the experience gained by the consortium members, SUPPORT will establish a set of capabilities that will enable port security stakeholders to:

collaborate efficiently in dealing with risks and threats;

engage in promoting improved levels of security in international supply chains;

raise security ‘standards’ across Europe.

Technical Strategy


The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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