Main Deliverables

D1.1 Gap and Threat Scenario Analysis 
D1.2 Stakeholder Requirements Analysis
D1.3 Security technology assessment and forecasting
D1.4 Project Requirements Specification and Success Criteria
D2.1 Classification of port security hazards/threats and information sources
D2.2 Generic Port Security Risk Management Models
D2.3 Organizational models & security information exchange agreements
D3.1 Security sensors for next generation port solutions
D3.2 Security communications infrastructure
D3.3 Security management of container handling
D3.4 Deception Recognition in Vessel Tracking
D4.1 Architecture and Base Platform
D4.2 Data fusion tools
D4.3 Semantic Port Security Services
D4.4 Port security operational decision support services
D5.1 Analysis and design optimisation of port security systems
D5.2 Port Security  Knowledge Management 
D5.3 Simulation based Training Services
D6.1 Demonstrators Plan - evaluation criteria and assessment methodology
D6.2 Goteborg demonstrator
D6.3 Piraeus  demonstrator
D6.4 Test Beds for Specific Improvements
D6.5 Evaluation-Cost Benefit Analysis – Recommendations
D7.1 Interactive web SUPPORT Prototype
D7.2 EU Ports Security Forum
The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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