Technical Strategy

The SUPPORT technical vision is for every responsible stakeholder to establish a security alert zone around the port (border control). In these zones objects are tracked, automatically classified and assigned a dynamic security/criminality risk index based on available intelligence. If the risk index of a particular object reaches early warning threshold, alert message relays will be initiated automatically. Decision support services will help security operators to initiate mitigation actions which will be monitored to update the risk assessment status.

SUPPORT will adopt a peer-to-peer collaborative IT architecture to facilitate co-ordination between responsible stakeholders. Appropriate work flows will be triggered across relevant organisations to avoid duplication of remedial actions and to control the proper implementation of both incident management plans and business continuity plans.
The overall security system will be distributed, with autonomous subsystems communicating with each other and sharing knowledge needed to interface to the whole process. This has great benefits as regards resilience: e.g. a system break down in a single port security operator will only affect to a minor extent the police or the customs. Also, it allows for scalability: systems will be able to grow or shrink dynamically to meet new challenges.

The Support project receives funding from the EC's 7th Framework Programme
Security research and development, DG Enterprise and Industry
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