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Directive 95/21/EEC

The purpose of this Directive is to improve maritime safety in Community waters by attempting to ban substandard shipping from them.This Directive applies to all merchant shipping and crews using a seaport of a Member State or offshore terminal or anchored off such a port or installation.

Member States are obliged to establish and maintain national maritime administrations ("competent authorities") for the inspection of ships in their ports or in the waters under their jurisdiction.

Each Member State is obliged to inspect at least 25 % of the ships flying other countries' flags which enter its ports. Vessels which have already been inspected within the previous six months are exempt.

Enhanced controls must be carried out on:

  • oil tankers within five years or less of the date of phasing out;
  • bulk carriers older than 12 years of age;
  • passenger ships;
  • gas and chemical tankers, over ten years old counting from the date of construction shown on the ship's safety certificates.7. An obligation is placed on the Member States to ensure that any deficiencies revealed in the course of the inspection are rectified. Conditions warranting detention of the ship are laid down.

Member States are obliged to ensure that any deficiencies revealed in the course of the inspection are rectified.

In the event of follow-up of inspections and detention, Member States must give notification of movements, measures taken and penalties imposed in the event of refusal to comply with the competent authorities' requests (refusal of access to any port within the Community).

Pilots and port authorities are obliged to report any deficiencies which they detect.

Member States are obliged to ensure that their competent authorities cooperate with their counterparts in other Member States.

Each competent authority is obliged to publish, once every quarter, details of the number of detentions ordered and rules on the information to be provided.

Owners or operators of deficient vessels warranting detention are obliged to pay a fee covering the reinspection costs.

Member States are obliged to supply each year details of the number of surveyors working on their behalf and of the number of ships entering their ports.

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