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    16 July 2015 - Resilience and Cyber Security of Technology in the Built Environment
This is essential reading for those involved in the specification, design, procurement and operation of buildings such as transport terminals where there is a convergence of corporate IT and building systems, including industrial control systems (ICS).
16 July 2015 - Shortage of quality officers remains a major concern for shipowners
A short of quality crew remains a major concern for shipowners and operators according to a senior executive from Maersk Tankers.
15 July 2015 - Do not dismiss cybersecurity as science fiction
Intertanko, BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping and Intercargo came together recently to address the major cybersecurity issues faced by the shipping industry. This is a laudable and timely initiative that deserves full support. While instances of cyber-attacks are mercifully rare today, they do happen. Prevention, of course, is better than cure.
15 July 2015 - Cruise lines invest in innovation
Recent weeks have seen a number of orders placed for new cruise ships for deliveries stretching through the end of this decade and beyond. These multi-billion dollar investments suggest that, despite continuing global economic uncertainty, cruise operators have confidence in the future growth of the industry.
15 July 2015 - The new targets for cyber crime
Trains and boats and planes – the new targets for cyber crime
15 July 2015 - Demand for newbuildings lacklustre amid summer lull
Containerships and to a lesser extent tankers are the main ship types in demand these days, when it comes to newbuilding orders. However, overall activity is generally among the lowest in the last few years,
15 July 2015 - European Union funding risk-based tools project for shipping safety inspections
SAFEPEC will contribute to the adoption of best practices and technologies to boost owners, managers, inspectors and surveyors beyond a new world of compliance designed to improve the efficiency and safety of waterborne industries.
14 July 2015 - Sea Traffic Management Validation Project backed by EU
EU has decided to contribute with €21 million to the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project, a Motorways of the Sea project. Test beds in Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea will engage 300 vessels, 10 ports of different sizes and 3 shore centres.
14 July 2015 - EU funding for Irish port projects
A number of projects - including developments across three Irish ports - have been recommended for co-funding under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
14 July 2015 - Maritime Surveillance: Autonomous and Real-time
The PERSEUS project (Protection of European BoRders and Seas through the IntElligent Use of Surveillance) is one of the most significant initiatives within the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission, and has constituted the flagship of research and development in the maritime security segment
14 July 2015 - Stena gains EU funding for scrubbers
But application for developing LNG bunker supply infrastructure in Baltic turned down.
14 July 2015 - More detail on EU support for DFDS projects
Four ECA routes, six scrubber installations and seven ports are beneficiaries, two bigger projects turned down.
14 July 2015 - Route Spotlight: Considering EEOI and Cost Savings
As you analyze the energy efficiency of your fleet voyages and EEOI calculations, it is also helpful to recognize the impact of sophisticated weather routing to reduce CO2 emissions and provide a shorter route to save costs.
13 July 2015 - Digital Barriers launches Cloud Video Platform
Digital Matrix launches Cloud Video Platform (CVP), which provides automatic video alert verification, camera tampering alerts and face detection through a cloud service.
13 July 2015 - EU funding for DFDS projects
Will partly pay for scrubbers on vessels operating in ECAs.
13 July 2015 - DNV GL: Retrofits make economic sense
Even at a lower bunker price.
13 July 2015 - Carbon futures: What’s in store for shipping?
The CO2 issue is a complex one due to its multiplicity of stakeholders and its political rather than technical nature. While maritime regulations are traditionally moved forward by IMO, CO2 is part of a complex tapestry of international, regional and domestic politics and negotiations.
11 July 2015 - Clean tanker market East of Suez enjoying healthy returns
The clean product tanker market has been still posting healthy gains, despite the fact that we are deep in the summer period, traditionally a quiet one.
10 July 2015 - Sign of the times as newbuild is sold before delivery
A combination of the low oil price (and the possibility that it will remain low for a couple of years) in addition to a vastly oversupplied market has taken its toll on owners in the North Sea, with term demand dropping significantly since last year.
10 July 2015 - EU: Dramatic fall in death toll as Med SAR operations save thousands
A dramatic fall in the number of migrants and refugees who have lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean underscores the importance of the desperately needed boost to search-and-rescue operations initiated by European leaders at the end of April.
10 July 2015 - A new look for the cat workboat market
With its rakish, modern looks and super-efficient hull form, one UK workboat designer believes his new nine metre vessel could be set to win support across a number of industry sectors.
10 July 2015 - Terror threat: Shippers looking to air cargo
Major shippers in the UK and mainland Europe are drawing up contingency plans to use air freight to maintain supply chain integrity in the case of a terrorist attack on the Channel Tunnel or ports.
10 July 2015 - Transport Security Expo to address range of aviation security issues
Aviation is one of the highest priorities on the security agenda with airports and airlines a key target for terrorists.
9 July 2015 - The EU Maritime Security Strategy
the European Union must deal with a number of various security threats such as rising tension among superpowers, piracy in Somalia and Western Africa, illegal migration through the Mediterranean, terrorism or illegal trade with arms, and human trafficking. The list moreover includes pollution and illegal fishing.
9 July 2015 - Faster detection of hidden objects by Warwick Terahertz Sensor
Scientists at the University of Warwick have developed a new type of sensor that is much faster than competing technologies, used to detect and identify hidden objects. The device could help address the weaknesses reported earlier this month in America’s airport security, where mock weapons and explosives were smuggled through airports, undetected in 95% of cases
9 July 2015 - Group issues guide for Carbon Emission Accounting Methodology
System currently being used by more than 20 container cargo carriers.
9 July 2015 - Newbuilding activity slows down to a halt
Newbuilding ordering activity appears to be grounded for the moment, as it seems as though the global turmoil brought about by recent events in Europe “has provided the final blow to an already withering new-building market.
9 July 2015 - A weighty responsibility
From the beginning of this month, it is to be hoped, the container trades will be rather safer, with the coming into force of the SOLAS requirement for the verification of container weights.
8 July 2015 - EIB loans Spain €50m for port efficiency
The loan will go towards increasing inter-operability between different modes of transport and improve the overall efficiency of the ports, according to the Economic Development Ministry.
8 July 2015 - IHO updates ECDIS standards
The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) has published new versions of some of its ECDIS Standards, reviewed and updated to reflect lessons learned from earlier reports of unexpected chart behaviour in some ECDIS.

8 July 2015 - Unmanned ship project draws to a close
The concluding event for the MUNIN autonomous ship research project has been held, with the results of three years of research to be published at the end of August.

8 July 2015 - Largest container ships on order to rise 13 percent by 2020
The largest container vessels on order has more than sextupled since 1975 and is set to expand by at least 13 percent by 2020, according to an IHS Maritime & Trade analysis.

8 July 2015 - IMO: Shipping Regulation Must Be Sharper
Unnecessary administrative difficulties must be weeded out before an international shipping regulation is adopted, according to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
8 July 2015 - Maritime Clusters the Way to Go for EU
By forging connections between science, education and business, maritime clusters can help maintain a strong and sustainable maritime sector in Europe which is essential for Europe to have a strong economy.
7 July 2015 - Call for stronger focus on fuel efficiency standards
IMO should adopt a 'global emission reduction target'.
7 July 2015 - Container Shipping Will be Lucky to Break Even in 2015
A toxic mixture of overcapacity, weak demand and aggressive commercial pricing is threatening liner shipping industry profitability for the rest of 2015, according to the Container Forecaster report published by global shipping consultancy Drewry.
TIACA has welcomed the WCO Council’s adoption of important updates to its SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade. As part of the changes, the WCO recently formally adopted the so–called ‘7 + 1’ data set as the requirement for risk data analysis, helping to standardize basic Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) processes.

7 July 2015 - Innovative approach to vessel movement
Innovative approach to vessel movement. Reduces hull resistance and fuel consumption.
7 July 2015 - 3D Printing in Rotterdam Port
The project "3D printing of maritime spare parts". " which has a consortium of 27 marine related companies hope to demonstrate that 3D printing of spare parts for ships is possible.
7 July 2015 - Everything you need to know about ship regulations
Interactive timeline maps your regulatory obligations and shows the true costs of compliance.
6 July 2015 - Hybrid Marine technology and green ports
In 2015 two significant developments are going to make many operators, owners and builders of professional vessels consider hybrid marine power. Firstly, the new emissions laws in ports and secondly, there is now an incentive for high technology manufacturers to invest in developing highly efficient batteries.
6 July 2015 - New Scanners Leave Digital Breadcrumbs for Tracking Carriers
The new GPS-enabled scanners that have recently been deployed to letter carriers of the U.S. Postal Service transmit digital “breadcrumbs” back to Postal Service delivery manager computers that can be used to find and retrace the steps of letter carriers making their appointed rounds.
6 July 2015 - Second phase engine research underway
Second phase engine research underway
Resulting technology should benefit large ships.

6 July 2015 - Hercules-2 Officially Launched
Hercules-2 is a strong platform that will create a basis for the development of technologies applicable to ship engines in four to five years’ time. Altogether, 32 marine industry partners from 11 different companies, 16 universities, and five research organisations are cooperating in this project, with NTU Athens as coordinator.
6 July 2015 - Shipping Gloomiest Since 2009
The shipping industry is the most pessimistic in six years about its prospects as a fleet surplus persists.
6 July 2015 - South Korea Tops in Shipbuild Orders
South Korean shipbuilders have secured the largest amount of new orders in the first six months of the year to retain the top slot, while the global shipbuilding industry saw new orders halve, the data compiled by global researcher Clarkson Research Services showed.
6 July 2015 - Danish Shipowners propose maritime growth plan
The Danish Shipowners Association believes that the new government should launch a new maritime growth plan, which can boost the growth in Denmark.
6 July 2015 - New Platform Set To Improve Information Sharing On Migrant Smuggling By Sea
A new inter-agency platform for information sharing on migrant smuggling by sea has been launched today (6 July) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in order to better understand unsafe mixed migration by sea.
3 July 2015 - Online ballast water management tools launched
The online tools have been developed by the GloBallast project, with financial
support from the GIA, to assist with the wider implementation of the International
Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and
Sediments, 2004 (BWM Convention).

3 July 2015 - 2015 on Track to Break Record in Dry Bulk Scrapping?
The 2015 appears to be running on a path toward becoming another record year in the dry bulk demolition activity.
2 July 2015 - EU Approves EUR 270 Million Public Funding for New Terminal at Calais
The European Commission has found that public funding of EUR 270 million to build a new cross‑Channel terminal in the Port of Calais is in line with EU state aid rules.
2 July 2015 - Cutting back on fuel when pushing on
For all OSVs, being equipped with a dynamic positioning system is now essential but, depending upon the particular specialisation of an OSV, the time spent in DP mode can be anything from 10-60 per cent of its operational employment.
2 July 2015 - Maritime industry approaches technology tipping point
The maritime industry is now approaching a technological ‘tipping point’..There’s a growing sense that technology is going to play an ever larger role in shipping and it’s going to happen quite quickly.
2 July 2015 - Dry bulk market could recover through scrapping of older tonnage
One of the main problems behind the demise of the dry bulk market is the imbalance between supply and demand, since tonnage is increasing (even if this is done at a slower rate than the recent past), while demand is retreating. 
2 July 2015 - Rolls-Royce to Lead Autonomous Ship Research
Rolls-Royce announced it will take the lead on a €6.6 million project that could pave the way for autonomous ships. The Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative will produce the specification and preliminary designs for the next generation of advanced ship solutions.
2 July 2015 - Chinese maritime research and business opportunities
Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai and the Trade Council Shanghai have put together an exciting maritime program.The background of the program is China’s goal of becoming a leading, international, maritime centre through investments in research, technology and innovation.

2 July 2015 - World ECDIS Day
This year, for the first time ever, World ECDIS Day will be held in Hamburg bringing together more than 300 stakeholders who have played or are playing an important role in the history of marine electronic navigation.
2 July 2015 - European recovery hopes misguided
The upbeat opinions about a strong recovery in the Eurozone, despite the Greek crisis, are out of place, says research consultancy firm, Hackett Associates LLC.
1 July 2015 - Germany in trouble over security monitoring
The European Commission has referred Germany to the European Court of Justice for failing to regularly monitor all aviation security measures at some German airports, as required by EU legislation.
1 July 2015 - Moore Stephens says shipping confidence equals seven-year low
Overall confidence levels in the shipping industry fell during the three months to May 2015 to a level equal to the lowest rating recorded in the past seven years, according to the latest Shipping Confidence Survey from international accountant and shipping adviser Moore Stephens. 
1 July 2015 - Newbuilding activity slows down once again
Newbuilding orders slowed down once more during the course of the past week, according to shipbrokers’ reports.
30 June 2015 - Maritime Regulators See No Price Fixing in Container Shipping
Global maritime regulators have found no evidence of price fixing in freight rates among the biggest players in container shipping, a top U.S. official said following a meeting that came as cargo shipping prices on some of the world’s busiest trade routes collapsed for the second straight week.
30 June 2015 - Cruise industry delivers new boost to European economic recovery
The cruise industry's economic output in Europe reached a new record of €40.2 billion in 2014, up 2.2% since the previous year, and including €16.6 billion in terms of direct expenditues by the industry.
30 June 2015 - The Wind Hybrid Coaster – ECO FLETTNER
A new generation of motor-rotor-sailing ships is currently being developed especially for short sea trade. The basis is a 4.000 dwt multipurpose vessel. 15 partners are cooperating to implement a lightweight design of a wind sail system with aerodynamic rotors for small coasters.
29 June 2015 - Novel approach to vessel upgrades
'Stretches' ship and brings fuel efficiency benefits.
29 June 2015 - Conference to Delve into Hybrid Power & Propulsion
The conference, held in the UK in October 2015, will bring together an international group of experts, armed with the latest knowledge that will identify the potential of utilizing hybrid power and innovative propulsion systems for vessels in the sub IMO / sub 24 meter professional sector.
29 June 2015 - Ship efficiency technologies ready to set sail
The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution is a modernized version of the Flettner rotor, a spinning vertical cylinder that harnesses wind power to propel a ship. In favourable wind conditions, Norsepower Rotor Sails allow the vessel to throttle back the main engines, supplying the power needed to maintain speed and voyage time while reducing fuel and emissions.
29 June 2015 - ABB’s Azipod D electric propulsion named Innovation of the Year
The Innovation of the Year Award identifies pioneering technologies that push the boundaries and contribute to making electric and hybrid propulsion possible and viable.
27 June 2015 - Container shipping market gains steam ahead of busiest time of the year
Container ship market has been building up momentum over the past few weeks and that trend is only going to keep on rising, as we come closer to the third quarter of the year, which is typically the more aggressive one in the year.
26 June 2015 - Cutting emissions with clean driving
Corporate fleet managers in Europe could save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions and €28bn a year with available efficiency measures and clean technologies, according to a new report by analysts, CE Delft.
26 June 2015 - IMO Prioritizes e-Navigation
The IMO has put e-navigation back on the high-level action plan of the Maritime Safety Committee. The program was to finish this year, but the outcomes achieved at MSC 95 earlier this month mean that work will continue for at least four more years.
26 June 2015 - Sea trial of Eco-Hybrid Fuel 'successful' .
Low sulphur glycerol-diesel emulsion 'is a drop-in fuel' with sales to early adopters planned for 2016.

26 June 2015 - Mega Containerships Kept Longer at Ports
Berth productivity on mega-container ships slipped in 2014 on a global basis, underscoring the continuing challenges that ports, terminals and container lines are facing in combating congestion and delays at major seaports around the world.
26 June 2015 - European Cruise Industry Hindered by Red Tape, Inadequate Coastal Infrastructure
Europe’s cruise industry needs harmonised environmental legislation, streamlined visa procedures, coastal infrastructure investments, and improved port facilities if the industry is to reach its full potential and stop the downward trend in the continent as a destination.
25 June 2015 - Shore side power at Bergen
Cavotec, Schneider Electric and the Port of Bergen have hosted a shore side power event gathering together leading experts to discuss how the technology is playing an increasingly important role in reducing emissions at the world's ports.
25 June 2015 - A Hole In The Dry Bulk Hull
Bulkcarrier earnings in 1H 2015 are on course to hit the lowest half-yearly level so far this century, due to limited trade growth and chronic oversupply in the fleet.
24 June 2015 - Drop in idle fleet raises hopes
A sharp drop in idle container ship capacity during the first half of June is fuelling hopes among container ship tramp owners that charter hire rates could pick up again.
24 June 2015 - Experts call for heightened ship cyber security systems
Companies whose operations rely on programmable control systems, which could include ships and offshore structures in the maritime industry, are increasingly becoming a target for cyber threats.
24 June 2015 - Ballast update: uncertainty ahead
It has been a long slog but IMO's ballast water management regulations are within a whisper of being ratified.
24 June 2015 - Cruising’s green agenda
Cruise operators have done a lot of work over the years to reduce emissions and waste, but ongoing investment is required to ensure the industry remains ‘green’ 
24 June 2015 - Shipping Will Need 42,500 Officers by 2019
Shipping will require an additional 42,500 officers by the end of 2019 to cope with the expected growth in the main cargo carrying fleet.
24 June 2015 - Ship owners start flocking back to shipyards
Ship owners are increasingly looking to capitalize on newbuilding opportunities, with shipbrokers witnessing high levels of activity over the course of the past week
23 June 2015 - Paris Air Show 2015: Applying big data to airport security
An innovative face-recognition software system for airport security applications was a highlight of the Thales (France) pavilion at the Paris Air Show.The system automatically scans passenger faces picked up by the airport's digital camera network. 

23 June 2015 - Regulations float in confused seas
Regulation in the maritime industry is becoming a key focus for owners as the cost of compliance spirals. But owners are entitled to a transparent and robust regulatory and enforcement regime argues Kirsi Tikka, President & COO, Europe Division ABS
23 June 2015 - Combatting Maritime Cyber Security Threats
Cyber security refers to the technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities and attacks delivered via the Internet by cyber criminals.
23 June 2015 - Move towards LNG-powered cruise ships 'pretty exciting'
'The impact on ports will be a decline in emissions.'

23 June 2015 - Shipping industry 'too conservative, passive'
Environmental and safety regulations should be seen as an opportunity not risk.

23 June 2015 - Shipping is faced with a changing macroeconomic landscape
According to BIMCO, the global macroeconomic scene has become more volatile, with prominent factors such as oil prices and global currencies causing a commotion
23 June 2015 - Tanker Ordering Frenzy Winding Down
Tanker newbuilding activity in the second quarter of the year is showing signs of slowing down compared to the first quarter, though the market remains ”robust in terms of numbers,” the London-based shipbroker Gibson said in its tanker report.
23 June 2015 - Chinese Newbuilding Orderbook Takes a Massive Hit
Chinese shipyards recorded a 77.4% slide in new orders year-on-year in the first five months of 2015, the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI) said.
23 June 2015 - China extends scrap-and-build subsidies
CHINA has extended its scrap-and-build subsidy plan for another two years, according to an official statement released by the Ministry of Transport on its website today.Beijing rolled out its latest scrapping incentive programme at the end of 2013.
23 June 2015 - Global container traffic in decline
Container lines have been delivered some unpleasant news as they steer into what should be the summer cargo peak season. German research institutes RWI und ISL today warned that global containerised cargo flows appear to have contracted last month (May).
22 June 2015 - Bigger ships and alliances cause splash in transpacific
The entry into service of bigger ships, the emergence of the major alliances, the supply-demand gap and, on the US West Coast, long-running labour contract negotiations, are all looming large on the transpacific trade.
22 June 2015 - New technology could reduce vessel drag, save fuel
Nanofur traps a cushion of air underwater, theoretically reducing vessel friction.

19 June 2015 - Container Deployment Grows, Security Concerns Linger: Survey
While container adoption is likely to surge over the next few years, concerns around security, certification and adequate skills remain, according to a recent survey commissioned by Red Hat.
19 June 2015 - Maritime summit on antitrust
Representatives from the maritime regulatory authorities of the European Union, the People’s Republic of China and the United States met in Brussels to discuss antitrust and regulatory issues in maritime transport.
19 June 2015 - Maritime Cyber Attack: A Clear and Present Danger
As the global maritime community moves further into a digital environment, ports, vessels and facilities are increasingly connected to and dependent on cyber systems.Insufficiently robust cyber security practices could lead to loss of life, increased criminality in the maritime sector, and given the importance of the maritime sector to international trade and supply chains, an operational disruption with significant adverse economic consequences.
19 June 2015 - Clock ticks for tanker ECDIS deadline
SOLAS regulations on the mandatory carriage of ECDIS for all tankers of 3,000 gt or more come into force on 1 July 2015. Of the 8,750 or so tankers in the global fleet that are required to comply with these regulations by their first survey following this date, more than half are now navigating using electronic nautical charts (ENCs).
18 June 2015 - L-3 SDS unveils checkpoint solutions
L-3 Security & Detection Systems (L-3 SDS) has introduced a compact explosives-detection system (EDS) for scanning hand luggage at busy airport checkpoints.
18 June 2015 - IEC plans to unveil new bridge network standards
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is writing the new IEC 61162-460 standard to improve security levels of integrated bridge systems from the beginning of next year.
18 June 2015 - Reaching out to keep crews connected
Inmarsat’s recent launch of its new Fleet Media service is one component of a drive to offer a range of new services that are aimed in particular at ships’ crews at sea.
18 June 2015 - Are shipowners ready to prevent cyber attacks?
Shipowners should be prepared to battle cyber threats to their assets, and the industry should be doing more to prevent successful hacking. Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important issue for the maritime industry as ships are open to a growing number of threats.
18 June 2015 - CO2 Emissions from Maritime Shipping Could Grow by 250 Pct
Left unchecked the carbon emissions from international maritime shipping could increase by 250 per cent, according to the Global Shippers’ Forum.
18 June 2015 - Scotland reports drop in GHG emissions from shipping
Data for 2013 suggests international shipping contributed 2.8% less from 2012 and 36.9% less than in 1990.
18 June 2015 - Japan's energy policy focuses on LNG
Draft report says 'substantial' part of the country's shipping industry should be powered by LNG.
18 June 2015 - Making Data A Priority Is Key To The Future Of The Maritime Industry
The future competitiveness of the maritime industry will be affected by how rapidly shipping operators take advantage of big data, according to one of the world’s leading suppliers of satellite communications to the maritime industry.
18 June 2015 - Newbuilding prices could fall across the board, triggering more ordering activity say brokers
Limited newbuilding activity around most sectors this year, except maybe for tankers, is expected to keep pressuring shipyards to lower their prices, even for the most popular vessels, as empty berths are looming from 2017 onwards.
17 June 2015 - Dry Bulk Shipping: Lowest fleet growth in 10 years may not prove enough as demand is not keeping pace
The demand side of things in the dry bulk market seems unable to keep pace with even the slightest fleet growth, a sign of the demise that the industry is suffering from.
17 June 2015 - 'Big data' key to improving competitiveness
Data key to improving fuel and other operational efficiencies, says technology firm.
17 June 2015 - LNG 'will have a place' in future of marine fuels
Development 'is still on track', says Global Gas Technology Market Manager for Lloyd's Register.
17 June 2015 - The Ever-evolving Cyber Threat to Planes
Hackers and cyber-terrorists present an ever-evolving threat to airlines, with experts constantly testing for new vulnerabilities -- including the fear that drones could be used to throw a plane off course.
17 June 2015 - Airport perimeter security measures in need of reexamination
Current security solutions used at many airports across the nation today, such as traditional video surveillance cameras and fence vibration sensors, are limited in their ability to effectively detect intrusions 
16 June 2015 - New container ship design rules will push up price tag
New global requirements on the construction of large container vessels aimed at reducing the risk of catastrophic structural failure will likely increase the price tag for carriers, reducing the economies of scale carrier operators gain via massive ships.
16 June 2015 - Guide to current tanker and gas carriers markets
How are crude and product tankers doing right now?Crude and product tankers are earning extremely well for owners, with the highest spot earnings level since 2008.There are four factors behind this.
16 June 2015 - Container shipping: Small containership market on the rise, but sink hole looms large for bigger ships
Idle container fleet has all but disappeared on improved charter rates among smaller container vessels, said BIMCO in its latest short-term outlook on the container shipping market
15 June 2015 - Study confirms health impact of ship emissions
An international study published by the university of Rostock and Helmholzzentrum Munich has shown that particulate matter (PM) from use of both heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine diesel is linked to health issues. The study shows that HFO is particularly linked to high concentrations of toxic and carcinogenic substances in the air such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons
15 June 2015 - New EU project to develop improved anti-terrorist training
A new R & D project has been launched to help deliver improved training tools and techniques and further equip security personnel to respond to physical threats and cyber-attacks on Europe's critical infrastructure including airports, ports and railway stations.
15 June 2015 - Carnival Seals Deal for World’s First LNG-Fuelled Cruise Ships
The new ships, featuring a revolutionary “green cruising” design, will be the first in the cruise industry to be powered at sea by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) — the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel, representing a major environmental breakthrough.
15 June 2015 - BIMCO: Time for Larger Containerships to Idle
The demand situation in the container shipping market is developing a tad slower than what the market had anticipated as the volumes have failed to pick up markedly
15 June 2015 - LeanShips Project to Prove Effectiveness of Green Technologies
Shipbuilding giant Damen Shipyards Group is preparing to launch a project titled The European Innovation Project LeanShips – Low Energy And Near To Zero EmissiLeanShips is one of the first projects funded under the new European Research and Innovation Framework Program HORIZON 2020.on Ships.
13 June 2015 - Advice for vessels below 500GT on the benefits of adopting ship-specific procedural systems
Even if it is not a regulatory requirement for vessels of 500GT and below to meet the ISM Code, it is advisable to adopt, as a measure of good practice, a specific procedural system to ensure an adequate level of on board safety and quality. 
12 June 2015 - Attackers are bypassing perimeter detection methods
More organisations are operating under the assumption that their network has already been compromised, or will be, according to a survey conducted by the SANS Institute on the behalf of Guidance Software. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed assume that they have been breached or will be soon compared with 47 percent last year. 
12 June 2015 - No change for shipping after Bonn climate talks
Draft text for crucial Paris meeting still calls for shipping to cap CO2 emissions and develop levy scheme.

12 June 2015 - New IACS Unified Requirement (UR) Further Improves Safety Of Large Container Ships
The International Association of Classifications Societies (IACS) is pleased to announce the adoption of new Unified Requirements that will further improve the safety of Large Container Ships by enhancing consistency between pre-existing Class Society provisions in this area. 
12 June 2015 - Inland waterway vessels: EC agrees its position
The European Council on 11 June 2015 agreed a general approach on proposed technical requirements for inland waterway vessels.
12 June 2015 - Boxships Exceeding 20,000 TEU Closer than Ever
Designs for vessels in excess of 20,000 TEU had become quite advanced, according to Andrew Penfold, project director at Ocean Shipping Consultants.
11 June 2015 - Study: Switch from HFO to diesel not enough to reduce PM emissions
Researchers suggest the use of particle filter technology and improved emission regulations.

11 June 2015 - 4,000 tankers still without ECDIS as July deadline approache
The UKHO has claimed that, based on its data, 54 per cent of tankers are now equipped to comply with the 1 July 2015 ECDIS mandate – however, this leaves more than 4,000 tankers that are not yet using an ENC service as the deadline approaches.

11 June 2015 - Plenty of ‘phish’ in the sea, warns security company
Advancement in broadband technologies and the move towards ‘Big Data’ will leave the maritime industry vulnerable to cyber-crime unless it develops a better awareness of ICT security and adopts security best practices.

11 June 2015 - InterManager aims for the 'paperless ship'
InterManager has thrown its weight behind moves towards the 'paperless ship', as well as the introduction of minimum manning levels, following a meeting during Nor-Shipping 2015 in Oslo.

11 June 2015 - ITF report suggests $400m annual cost of larger vessels
A recent report from the International Transport Forum (ITF) suggests that the new generation of mega-ships has had a serious impact on the rest of the transport chain and may add $400 million in annualised costs.
10 June 2015 - A high-tech way to detect a mail bomb
The US Postal Service delivers more than 160 billion pieces of mail a year, so how can we tell if one of those pieces is a bomb in disguise? A new piece of technology uses harmless, low-frequency terahertz waves to scan for dangerous threats hidden in the mail.

10 June 2015 - Shipping enters the age of real-time connectivity
We are entering the age of the real-time connected ship, with shipowners, operators and managers seeing the benefits of deploying VSAT on board their vessels. Broadband connectivity enables a host of operational applications and better crew welfare services.
10 June 2015 - Maritime satcoms revenues to double
Ship operators, owners and managers across the sector are using VSAT to enhance crew welfare and implement applications such as real-time system monitoring, voyage planning, virtual networks and systems connectivity, and e-learning. 
10 June 2015 - Newbuildings fail to meet fuel efficiency standards
Company in potential dispute with Chinese shipbuilder.

9 June 2015 - New electric propulsion drive from ABB
The new low voltage variable speed drive from power and automation group ABB aims to help vessels use electrical power more efficiently and to lower environmental impact.
8 June 2015 - Mediterranean ships move 19% of global shipping traffic
Shipping traffic in the Mediterranean rose 123% in the last 13 years, a study by the Italian economic research group Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno (SRM) revealed.
8 June 2015 - China's Environmental Focus Turns to Marine Emissions
China is considering regulating emissions from boats and ships, the environment ministry said on Monday, as it tries to clamp down on pollution.

8 June 2015 - Study prompts renewed call for tough action on shipping emissions
Environmentalist NABU repeats charge that scrubbers are a 'lukewarm' response.
8 June 2015 - Rising costs and overcapacity will hit box carrier profitability
THE large influx of newbuilding deliveries due to join the world fleet in the next few months could offset any potential recovery in demand, according to a new report from Drewry.
8 June 2015 - Keeping the cargo safe
Security screening could see a move to centralised monitoring of multiple scanning systems for the detection and identification of possible threats, but ongoing regulation development means the future picture of this freight analysis is still not clear. Working out how to prevent terrorist attacks while not impeding the flow of air cargo is the challenge.
6 June 2015 - Benefits from Shipbuilding & Sea Transportation Processes
The demand for increased operational efficiencies while minimizing environmental impact is driving major shifts in the shipping industry and its uptake of new technologies and ideas. Digitalization has smoothed overall transportation processes and has put the focus on efficiency at every opportunity.
6 June 2015 - Rolls-Royce launches new Permanent Magnet Azimuth Thruster
Rolls-Royce unveiled the latest addition to its range of marine thrusters, with the launch of a new azimuth thruster powered by permanent magnet (PM) technology.
6 June 2015 - Shipping fleet growth has started to slow down, as newbuildings amount to just 329 ships of all types since the start of 2015
Challenging market conditions have led to the inevitable reconsideration of ship owners’ priorities. Uncertainty has been the norm over the past few months, most notably since the start of 2015, which is leading most owner to a complete overhaul of all aspects that impact the supply of tonnage.
6 June 2015 - 2015: Dawn Of A New Era Of Low-Emission Shipping: Cylinder Lubrication
Fuel switching continues to be the favoured method of compliance with Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).
5 June 2015 - Shipping faces increased exposure from failure to manage risk
A new survey from Moore Stephens has revealed that levels of sound enterprise and business risk management are currently satisfactory in the shipping industry.
5 June 2015 - Positive Earnings Outlook for Tankers
The tanker market dynamics in the short to medium term are skewed in favour of market players as oil prices are expected to stay low.
4 June 2015 - Study: One-third of shipping firms aim for 5% energy savings
Reveals performance monitoring awareness is on the rise.
4 June 2015 - The Impact of Mega- Ships
The International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD published a study about the impact of mega-ships on maritime transport. First of all, the ITF report stated that there are cost savings per transported container, but these are decreasing and might not even be realized.
4 June 2015 - Newbuilding activity remains bleak, while demolitions start to slow down as well
Newbuilding activity is still a far cry this year, when compared to last year’s frenetic pace of contracting.
4 June 2015 - The future is hybrid: A guide to use of batteries in shipping
Recent developments in battery technology and ship electrii- cation hold signiicant promise for more eficient use of energy, energy recovery and use of renewables.
4 June 2015 - Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US Airports
An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials.
3 June 2015 - Ulstein’s X-STERN Solution Awarded ‘Next Generation Ship Award
The X-STERN solution from Ulstein was awarded the Next Generation Ship Award at the Nor-Shipping opening conference on 2 June. Innovative ship design is the main criteria in the awarding of this prize.
3 June 2015 - 'Potential' LNG-powered box ship design gains recognition
DNV GL approves concept.
3 June 2015 - New platform for port data launched
The Marcura Group, a Dubai-based group of companies, has announced the launch of PortPoint, an online platform with modules for port costs, port information and port agents' data.
3 June 2015 - Research project to investigate sensor fusion and collision avoidance
The Department of Engineering Cybernetics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is leading a new Knowledge-Building Project for Industry that will study collision avoidance for advanced ships. The AUTOSEA project is sponsored by the Research Council of Norway with DNV GL, Kongsberg Maritime and Maritime Robotics as industry partners.
3 June 2015 - BIMCO takes ownership of Shipping KPI System
BIMCO has announced that it has taken ownership of the unique Shipping KPI System that allows shipowners and managers to compare their ships' efficiency against the performance of the industry and sector averages.
3 June 2015 - Environmentalists: IMO Must Establish GHG Emissions Cap by 2016
A number of environmental non-governmental organizations have expressed their concern over the failure of the international community to control greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping, saying that the IMO must set out global emissions reduction target by 2016.
2 June 2015 - EMP: solar power system ship test 'successful'
Technology provides crew with real-time fuel oil consumption (FOC) data, calculates vessel emissions.

2 June 2015 - Unmanned ships: Not in a port near you yet
Nor-Shipping panel debates automated shipping.
2 June 2015 - Flexibility: key to future success in shipping
To be truly transformative, ship technology must be flexible enough to accommodate different fuels, speeds and operating conditions, and still optimize efficiency. This is a key driver for the growing popularity of electric propulsion solutions.
2 June 2015 - IMO to adopt new mandatory code for gas-fuelled ships
IMO's is expected to adopt a new mandatory code for gas-fuelled ships.The Committee will also consider cyber security matters and passenger ship safety.
2 June 2015 - Dubai on the rise to become among world’s Top 7 Leading Maritime Centres in the next 5 years
A recent international survey conducted by Menon Business Economics Group, the globally renowned organization for benchmarking leading maritime capitals of the world, predicts that Dubai will rank among the Top 7 Leading Maritime Centres in the World in the next five years.
1 June 2015 - LR issues new Marine Technology Report
The report focuses on some of the technological developments that are changing the face of modern shipping.including::Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Battery technology
Polar technology, Wind-powered shipping, 

1 June 2015 - DNV GL releases latest issue of 'Maritime Impact'
DNV GL has published this year's second issue of the classification society's customer and stakeholder magazine Maritime Impact. It covers innovation and technology trends in the shipping industry.
1 June 2015 - Global Fleet Growth Slows Down
Despite an uneven picture across shipping markets in terms of performance and earnings, the volume of capacity entering the fleet seems to have evened out, according to Clarksons.
1 June 2015 - Hybrid Cyber-Ships Fast Approaching
Hybrid propulsion systems and connected ship solutions are emerging technologies that are gaining ground faster than expected.
1 June 2015 - DNV GL releases latest issue of 'Maritime Impact'
DNV GL has published this year's second issue of the classification society's customer and stakeholder magazine Maritime Impact. It covers innovation and technology trends in the shipping industry.
1 June 2015 - Take-up of LNG 'slower than expected'
But future fuel mix will still be 'much more diverse,' says DNV GL.
1 June 2015 - Mega-ships are 'economically inevitable'
Higher bunker costs and emission reduction targets are pushing the container sector to build bigger vessels
1 June 2015 - US implements nuanced cargo security policy
The TSA and CBP continue to implement risk-based screening protocols
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